CoachingAlongside our programmes on Innovation Training and Capability Enhancement, Ideaspeak provides inhouse coaching in Sustainable Innovation and Development for leaders and practitioners. Our coaching programmes are structured and targeted, often set-up in live, working environments to ensure the success of new and innovative sustainable strategies and projects. By applying our experience in Sustainable Innovation and Innovation Training to the development project at hand and working side by side with your project team, Ideaspeak provides continuous learning and development in Sustainable Innovation Capabilities. Often, embedded coaching that is both skilled and targeted in its approach is all that is needed for ensuring success.

Sustainability Coaching includes the following services:


  • Goal Setting: Assessment of an organization's environmental, social and business goals against peers and best practice
  • Product and Service Innovation: Rethinking products and services in the context of environmental and social change
  • Product Ranking Methodology: Internal programmes to review products for goal setting and sustainable innovation
  • Inspiration and Engagement: Working with others to make change happen


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