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To lead and develop new and sustainable ways of living, businesses and organizations are positioning innovation at the heart of their strategy. At Ideaspeak, we recognize that although the innovation process may start with a new idea, achieving its successful deployment often requires support for development processes that are anything but linear in sequence.  Innovation support needs to be both flexible and finely-tuned to the different development stages whilst maintaining an overall structure for guided and informed design and development. Innovating in a supporting environment can make all the difference to a company’s ability to innovate and develop new, cutting-edge products and services and achieve success commercially.

At Ideaspeak, we offer Innovation Support that is both sensitive to the creative aspects of the innovation process and structured for measured, commercial success. Our Innovation Project Services include:

  • Innovation Tools and Techniques that Increase the Quality and Value of Sustainable Innovation Projects
  • Research Methodologies that Facilitate the Identification of Appropriate Service and Product Development Paths
  • Integration of Innovation and System Design Thinking into Project Management Programmes
  • Innovation Coaching for Project Teams 


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