Sustainable GrowthSustainable innovation is where innovation meets society. Sustainability is increasingly playing a key role in both innovation and the long-term goals of businesses and organizations. As the world's resources continue to diminish, sustainable innovation will increasingly dominate the strategy shifts of major companies throughout the world. Businesses and organizations now recognize that sustainable development will require radical and systemic innovations that are disruptive in nature, requiring a holistic framework for both their conceptualization and implementation.

Ideaspeak works with businesses and organizations to introduce, support and develop sustainable innovation projects and strategies. We provide advice and support through research and consultancy, the development and delivery of training programmes and short courses on the application of solutions focused innovation, exploring the ways in which profit and value can be generated from sustainable innovations.

Ideaspeak's expertise in Sustainabile Innovation covers:

  • Identification of New Sustainable Market Opportunities
  • Development of Sustainable Product and Service Concepts
  • Support for the Funding and Development of Sustainable Projects
  • Sustainable Policy Development, Management Programmes, and Systems Auditing
  • Innovation for Sustainability and Change Management
  • Environmental Accounting and Life Cycle Analysis
  • Shaping and Guiding Projects from Inception through Delivery


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