cornIdeaspeak provides support for the design and development of innovative, sustainable food and agriculture systems. Working collaboratively with leading learning and research organizations, we support innovation at every stage of the supply chain from producing and distributing to the selling of food. Using a Whole Systems Design approach, Ideaspeak also provides support for organizations and businesses in their drive to launch new food sustainability efforts.  Providing leadership for research programmes in both the private and public sector, Ideaspeak is engaged with initiatives and programs from a wide range of organizations,  food companies, values-driven entrepreneurial brands, environmental and social NGOs. Focusing upon sustainability issues in the food service and food production sectors, we support the enhancement of innovation capabilities, leadership development, organization realignment and supply chain strategy.

Some of the services we provide includes:


  • Strategic Planning and Functional Support for Sustainability Goals
  • Design and Project Management of Value Chain Initiatives
  • Facilitation of Co-innovation Projects amongst Competitive Industry Groups
  • Carbon Footprint Quantification and Reduction Strategies
  • Systems Thinking and Sustainable Design Workgroups and Training



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