Open InnovationOpen Innovation is one of the most important tools for innovation management today and is transforming innovation itself. Altering the way companies see their products and services, it is helping identify opportunities for sustainable innovation and leading to a far greater contribution from the public on what is needed and why. Open innovation is democratizing the very practice of innovation and because of this, is being widely adopted by many of the world's most innovative and capable companies and organizations.

Successful innovations often require an innovative business and organizational model as much as they require an innovative product or service offering. By enlarging the scope of contributors and innovators operating at the core of your innovation team, challenges are easier to overcome and opportunities easier to grasp. At Ideaspeak, we assist companies and organizations in reaching beyond the conventional boundaries of standard operations by tapping into the networked world of customers, producers, researchers, think-tanks, NGOs and Governmental Organizations. Working across multiple commercial and non-commercial sectors, our interdisciplinary approach allows us to leverage the knowledge of people who see things quite differently.

Depending on the nature of the project, Ideaspeak will research, identify and assemble individuals often working in different disciplines to aid your innovation project. Guided by the increasing emergence of innovation in the areas of the in-between, Ideaspeak will assist you in making the transition to open innovation strategies and tactics.


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