ExplorationAll Innovation begins with an idea, often with a simple idea. But how do companies and organizations take these ideas and transform them into platforms for sustainability, development and change?  New Venture Design is where organizatons can do more than make a difference, they can revolutionise entire industries and begin to solve some of the pressing issues of the day.

The thinking behind New Venture Design involves seeing innovation as being about much more than products and services. By focussing upon the larger systems of which they are a part, opportunities for Sustainable Innovation come to the fore with products and services often greatly improved if not transformed.

To achieve game-changing opportunities in Sustainable Innovation, requires boldness and new thinking. It means changing not only the way you engage with your customers and clients, but altering the scope of your view and rethinking your strategy around many of the emerging needs of society itself. Changing your firm's value proposition from one that is based upon an array of individual products to one that is based upon societal needs is difficult but can be transformative and highly rewarding.

Ideaspeak leads companies and organizations beyond traditional modes of practice by:

  • Detailing and Evaluating Your Current Business and Organizational Models to Deliver and Capture Unrealized Value
  • Designing an Ecosytem View of How New Ventures in Sustaible Innovation Could Benefit your Company or Organization
  • Identifying New Sustainable Business Programmes
  • Establishing and Supporting a Systemic Approach to Sustainable Innovation and New Venture Design


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