Disruptive InnovationIn the digital age, disruptive innovation is happening all around us and with increasing frequency. Companies and organizations find themselves having to quickly adapt to the development of new products and services that are simpler, more convenient or more accessible, often redefining the very nature of the market.

Clayton Christensen introduced the notion of disruptive innovation to the business world where it is now commonly used as a key tool for assessing, defining and articulating new strategy. At the heart of his research, summarised in his book The Innovator's Dilemma, is a careful diagnosis of the failure of businesses to understand and respond to threats from rivals. This failure arises almost universally out of a complacency from established firms which commits them to maintaining product portfolios for their current customers while neglecting the needs of new and emergent markets. Although the habitual practices of established firms prevents them from taking up new and unique vantage points that would allow them to recognise the limitations of their practice, there are ways in which this tendency can be changed. Fundamental to this ability to change is a series of review tasks which forms the bedrock of all future success: knowing your customers or clients well, asking the right questions, recognising in advance the signs of significant change and building new capabilities for a sustainable world. 

Ideaspeak has developed a proven methodology for assisting organisations in reviewing, assessing and identifying the various bottlenecks and obstructions that impede their ability to adapt and change. Working with appropriate field specialists, we will develop a joint program for structured change that promises to bring numerous benefits to your organisation, including a workable strategy that optimises your successes.

Some of the Training offered by Ideaspeak in Disruptive Innovation includes:

  • The Principles of Disruptive Innovation
  • The Identification of Disruptive Opportunities
  • How to Formulate and Shape Innovation Ideas
  • Mastering Emergent Strategies and Building Capabilities


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