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Partnering to achieve innovation is changing the way we understand business and the way we see our world..

At Ideaspeak, we believe that sustainable innovation is key to the creation of a better world for all and we engage with partners who share this vision. If you or your organization are working to create or develop a new concept or technology that you believe is sustainable in design and that seeks to solve some of the world's major challenges in the areas of food servicefood production and packaging, we’d like to hear from you. Our work in Open, Sustainable Innovation relies upon a network of partners whose expertise, shared across a range of key industries, is fundamental to ensuring that today's problems, often entrenched and systemic are solveable.

Interested in Partnering with Ideaspeak

We offer a two paths for Organizations and Businesses to partner with us and we approach every collaboration with due regard and committment.

If you are interested in accessing our knowledge and skill base in Sustainble Innovation, and would like to partner with us as your Management Consultants, please contact us and we'll set up an initial meeting to discuss the services we can provide.

If you are interested in partnering on a project, please submit a proposal and we will review your submission and let you know whether we see a potential for a partnership at this time. If we don’t think that we are an approproiate partner for your project, we'll let you know and may make suggestions as to how you might proceed.

If we believe that there is a basis for a partnership, we will arrange for initial discussions on the type of partnership that best suits us both. It may be that you are looking for assistance with innovation management, a licensing agreement, a joint development agreement, a mutual development agreement or a combination of these. Or you may prefer to talk to members of one of our networks or to meet up with an Ideaspeak Associate – in which case we will put you in touch with the right people.

To protect your intellectual property, and to protect ourselves, you will be asked to accept our Terms and Conditions for Proposals before submitting your project outline. Our online Open Innovation Proposal Submission Form invites you to tell us more about your project and what plans you might have for it. We hope you’ll find the process straightforward – and that it marks the beginning of a successful partnership.

Who do we work with?

We currently work on major projects in the areas of food servicefood production and packaging and consider partnerships with established organizations, suppliers, start-ups, academics, designers and individual inventors engaged in the practice of sustainable innovation. 

How you can work with us

Ideaspeak and its associates are working on a number of new ventures and we have specific challenges for which we would welcome your collaboration. To know more, you might want to look at the the Key Industries we are actively scouting for innovation partners.  If you are a member of an organization or business and believe that we could work together, please contact us.

We work in partnership to help solve some of the essential challenges of today and to make our world a better place for all.