Barnraiser, a newly formed crowdfunding community, is attracting a lot of attention in food innovation circles in the U.S.

With a key focus on empowering the good food movement, a sizeable number of advocates for sustainable foods have converged with artisans, farmers, educators, community leaders and politicians to launch a series of food projects whose aim is nothing less than the transformation of our food systems.

"We are thrilled to offer Barnraiser to anyone serious about making a positive impact on the way we farm and eat," said Eileen Gordon Chiarello, Barnraiser founder and CEO, who with her husband, celebrity chef Michael Chiarello, has created award-winning restaurants, sustainably farmed wines and food-focused media properties. "Now is the time for us to exert our influence as passionate consumers. Funding these innovators is a powerful way to build the food future we want."

Growing a healthy, sustainable food system for all has become a rallying point for more than 41 million Americans who through their networked and global counterparts are having a major impact in establishing a viable health and sustainability movement. Barnraiser opens paths of communication between consumers, innovators and fundraisers. Together, they are not only sharing their often inspirational stories but establishing viable and sustainable business models that challenge what was previously thought possible.

With Slow Food Cookery, Farmers Market Delivery Systems, Quick-Serve and Fresh Food Solution Stacks, School Gardens and Sustainable Provider Apps,  Barnraiser is supporting a community of sustainable and organic food innovators. "If there was a Richter scale for love, the Barnraiser crew would be at a 9.0," exclaimed sustainable beekeeper Rob Keller, whose Barnraiser project promotes healthy bees. "I am deeply moved by our funders' generosity, and the Barnraiser support getting us out there was epic."

Want to know more about Barnraiser, visit their website.