bookIdeaspeak is engaged in a wide range of initiatives and projects with businesses, governments, NGOs and industry groups to advance the approach of Whole Systems Thinking and Sustainable Innovation in helping to solve the environmental and health challenges of the 21st century.

Sustainable Food Service Solutions

Working collaboratively with industry experts in the Food Service Sector, Ideaspeak is leading the design and development of ground-breaking and fully integrated sustainable solutions that significantly improve the quality and freshness of food products in the Quick-Serve market. Linking innovation in Smart Packaging, Food Service Equipment, Logistics and Service Design allows us to introduce solutions that will transform the Food Service Sector through process improvements that significantly enhance the integrity of food products, integrate sustainable principles into food operations and remove waste, while making many of the key innovations of the quick-serve market available to a broader spectrum of clients.

Innovation Systems

Taking our cue from the increasing use of Systems Architecting in the successful implementation of often complex and challenging innovation projects, Ideaspeak has developed a series of fully integrated communication tools that provide innovation teams with support that is both flexible and finely-tuned to the rapidly changing nature of the innovation environment. Helping them maintain an overview that is guided and informed by up-to-date information on changes to design and development, our innovation systems are proven to secure a company’s ability to innovate and develop new, cutting-edge products and services and achieve success commercially.

Design for Sutainable Manufacturing

The use of Sustainable Manufacturing principles to rapidly develop low-cost, high-quality and reliable products is a new development in the Manufacturing Sector. Ideaspeak is working with leading manufacturers to incorporate Sustainable Manufacturing alongside Concurrent Engineering practices to design products proactively, optimizing sustainable design, ensuring best cost, quality and reliability. By improving the concept/architecture phase of development and designing systems rather than parts, companies can take advantage of concurrent engineering's integration with Sustainable Manufacturing and realize substantial benefits.

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