ManufacturingSustainable manufacturing and eco-innovation are at the forefront of the transformation in energy use and industrial practices in the 21st century. With many leading companies developing pioneering work that shows how environmental improvements often go hand in hand with improved competitiveness, there is now a need to make these improvements available to those businesses who may not be aware of the opportunities on offer.

Ideaspeak provides consultancy services to the manufacturing sector for the development and deployment of sustainable technologies for products, processes and systems. Establishing a framework for a sustainable manufacturing system, Ideaspeak works closely with businesses and organizations to enable the development of sustainable manufacturing systems that enhance productivity and improve efficiency and quality. 

Principle areas of focus include:

  • Sustainable Materials
  • Sustainable Product Development
  • Sustainable Manufacturing Processes
  • Sustainable Manufacturing Systems
  • Society, Public Policy, and Regulations
  • Economic Models for Sustainable Manufacturing


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