LogisticsLogistics and Supply Chain Management (SCM) are wide-ranging in scope and have been central not only to the rapid economic development of the last 50 years but to the dramatic improvements in the standard of living across the world. However, with growing concerns about environmental issues and the impact of globalization, Logistics and SCM are having to rethink the planning and management of many of their central processes and activities. The increasing use of logistical partnerships, mutually beneficial relations, new communication technology and strategies of reverse logistics, is paving the way for a transformation of logistics that meets many of the requirements of the new sustainability paradigm. Ideaspeak provides specialist consultancy services for the introduction and management of sustainability strategies in Logistics and Supply Chain Management. We specialize in the following areas:

  • Supply Chain Visibility Management
  • Sustainable Wharehousing
  • Reverse Logistics and Recycling
  • Assessment of Emissions
  • Lifecyle Assessment


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