food retailThe Food Service Industry, one of the fastest growing industries in the world and the site of rapid innovation and development, is a key area of focus for sustainable innovation. With new technologies and social media transforming both operations and management, the Food Service Industry is set to change even further with turnover reaching 1.7 trillion USD globally. The complex network of logistical and operational structures integral to this industry, underlines both the significance of the change now underway and the opportunities for sustainable innovation.

Often characterized as customer-centric, knowledge-based, and service-intensive, Food Service Companies are increasingly making use of new technologies to introduce new services and remain competitive. At Ideaspeak, we believe that many of the benefits from the knowledge-based technologies now being employed could have a profound impact in creating and supporting sustainable solutions. To assist this development, Ideaspeak provides expertise in Equipment Development and Design, New Product Development, Service Design and Optimization, Food Production and Food Service Systems Review and New Trend Analysis.

Ideaspeak employs a Systems-Based approach to Food Operations which:

  • Regularly Reports on New Product, Equipment and Operational Market Trends
  • Manages New Equipment Design and Development Process
  • Encourages Rapid Prototype and Agile Product Development Processes
  • Supports Due Diligence, Documentation and Version control
  • Supports and Enables the Creation of Complete Food Service Solution Stacks
  • Encourages the Development of Partnerships, both formal and informal
  • Supports the Successful Commercialization of Innovation Management
  • Meets the Challenge of Managing Operational and Co-Innovation Risk


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