Java Farm SmallThe transition to a sustainable food and agricultural system will require significant change if we are to meet the needs of a population expected to reach  9.6 billion by 2050. In order to secure sufficient supplies and the economic livelihood of hundreds of millions of rural poor, it will also need to dramatically reduce and eliminate many devastating environmental impacts, including the vast increase in greenhouse gas emissions, currently jeapordising the food system itself.

The re-establishment of sustainable food and agriculture practices on such a vast scale will require new thinking and innovative practice. To facilitate this, Ideaspeak provides supply chain management, marketing, research and consultancy services to food production businesses across the supply chain, with an emphasis on supporting, promoting and developing more sustainable and local supply chains. 

Some of the services we provide include:

  • Supply Chain Management - Independent Systems and Standards Assessment
  • Sustainability Audits
  • Development of Sustainability Improvement Plans and Oversight of Implementation
  • Public Sector Supply Support
  • Marketing and Communications Support
  • Research Services on Food Supply Chains and Sustainability Issues


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