Engineering Image smallSustainable Engineering is a key focus in the strategy of many manufacturing companies, highlighting the central role that Engineers now play in transforming organizations along sustainable lines. To achieve sustainable development and the change in manufacturing processes and products that this involves, new competences for both technical and non-technical stakeholders are often required. To assist in the development of these competences, Ideaspeak has developed a highly effective systems approach for supporting sustainability initiatives involving the introduction and development of management information and decision support systems (MIDSS). A selection of functions from this includes: scenario development, material flow analysis, life cycle assessment, risk assessment, environmental impact assessment, strategic environmental assessment and socioeconimic assessment. The management and decision support systems (MIDSS) provides practical and targeted information for project led initiatives on pollution prevention, design for the environment (DfE), design for disassembly (DfD), and design for recycling (DfR). 


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