Renewable EnergyEnergy management is key to an organization's ability to improve its energy performance. To be effective, it should feature as part of an organisation's wider management processes and be incorporated in a social responsibility charter or CSR policy. Although often neglected, despite the ample opportunity for potential energy savings and cost reduction, new climate change legislation and rising energy costs are driving the transformation of all types of organizations in introducing environmentally responsible and innovative measures in energy management.

At Ideaspeak, we utilize innovation expertise across a wide range of industries to develop and promote sustainable energy management strategies that are ideally suited to improve the energy efficiency of your organization. 

Some of the Energy Management Services we provide, include:

  • Business Model Innovation
  • Business Sustainability Strategy
  • Supply-Chain Carbon Strategy
  • Carbon Disclosure Audit
  • Green Investment Appraisal
  • Identification of Green Innovation Opportunities


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