Innovation TrainingInnovation Training begins and ends with the enhancement of your teams' innovation capability.

Often, an organization's belief in the importance that innovation has to its success is not matched by innovative practices and capabilities operating at the core of its strategic plan. This failure to invest in the development of a robust and dynamic innovation capability can slow growth and prevent transformations that are necessary for businesses and organizations to stay competitive and lead in an age of increasing complexity and fundamental change. Without a radical review, the mechanisms that impede open thinking and inovation success, can be difficult to identify and overcome.

At Ideaspeak, we recognize that there is no single answer to the challenges that innovation brings and certainly no blueprint for success. Companies and organizations have their own very different strategic goals and objectives, unique processes and often complex systems of management. Identifying the right capabilities that match an organization's needs and values is crucial for developing a successful innovation programme.

Ideaspeak begins its work by identifying the barriers to innovation. Understanding how managerial and operational structures have either enabled or hindered innovation, allows us to identify the appropriate framework for innovation change, one that is suited to your organization's culture, values and strategic goals.

Enhancing and supporting the capabilities for sustainable innovation is best achieved once the barriers to change have been removed. Instilling new ways of working and communicating change, often proves vital for bringing innovation capabilities to the fore. 

Organizations approach Ideaspeak because of our commitment to sustainable innovation and because of our success in implementing innovation change. 

Our Innovation Training Services includes the following:

  • Identification of the Barriers to Innovation
  • Assessment of Current System of Innovation
  • Inisghts Based on Innovation Comparisons with Competitors
  • Engagement of Internal Innovators
  • Innovation Leadership Development Programme
  • Innovation Process Management


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