innovation trainingDespite the immense interest in the management of Sustainable Innovation in both the public and private sector, the innovation potential for many companies and organizations remains thwarted. The key challenge remains identifying and adopting a way of organizing that encourages innovation and creativity both internally and externally with the relevant stakeholders. But organizing to innovate is no easy task. It is about much more than providing development teams with the right amount of development funding.

As Ideaspeak, we believe that organizing to innovate goes beyond Research and Development and is most successful when driven by an innovation engine that invokes new financial models, new and often challenging partnerships, new and co-innovative business models, and often unique approaches to tried and tested technologies. Most importantly, organizing to innovate means grappling with an increasingly networked world and doing this in a connected way. Thinking critically and creatively now occurs simultaneously between multiple stakeholders and associates who can be, literally, worlds apart. These interactions can be truly enriching. How do companies and organizations benefit from the wealth of internal and external communication activities for innovation? How is this managed in a sustainable way and what changes to our communication tools are required for us to be truly innovative?

Ideapseak assists companies and organizations in spearheading Sustainable Innovation strategies and in establishing a clearly communicated and effective innovation organization. Through the training and setting up of innovation units and advisory boards to stimulate innovation, Ideaspeak will help you assess the innovation challenge, determine the appropriate means of change and develop deep innovation capabilities.

At Ideaspeak we manage Sustainable Innovation by innovating management, allowing your organization to achieve its full potential.


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