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Mark McGlinn, Founder of Ideaspeak

Mark McGlinn founded Ideaspeak in 2014 in a bid to harness his experience in food systems and processes with what he sees as an urgent need to reorient these in terms of health, wellbeing, and sustainability. Following more than twenty years of senior managerial experience in the food service sector, where he specialized in innovation management and systems capability enhancement, he now focuses on utilizing practices of innovation to create and support sustainable food systems. He promotes whole systems thinking and engages in a range of projects with businesses, governments and industry groups in order to address the food-related challenges of the twenty-first century.


Yiannis Chrysostomidis, Associate of Ideaspeak

ioannisYiannis is an associate of Ideaspeak and the founding Director of Sustainable Futures, a company specialising in sustainability and climate change advisory. He has considerable experience in the food and agribusiness sectors with a specialist knowledge in the areas of product sustainability and risk management. Prior to Sustainable Futures, Yiannis worked for a global consultancy firm that provided assistance to numerous public bodies and large private organisations on social and environmental sustainability issues.

Before moving into the consulting space, Yiannis worked for Baxter Healthcare where he had a strategic sustainability role at European level and prior to that worked at the corporate level at Baxter’s HQ at Deerfield, Illinois, US. His role at Baxter covered a wide range of strategic issues including sustainability strategy, climate and water risk and product sustainability.

Yiannis is deeply concerned about the state of the world. He believes that the traditional governance structures around us, governments, financial institutions or businesses as usual, are becoming less relevant in this world of increased interconnectedness and interdependency. At the same time, he is optimistic. A new paradigm of Doing, one that has thoughtfulness, relationship and co-creation at its core, is emerging and Yiannis works with clients along this path.


Dr. Shuo-Kai Tsai, Associate of Ideaspeak

Dr TsaiDr. Tsai is an associate of Ideaspeak and holds a Doctorate in Engineering and Design from the University of Sussex with a specific focus on Innovation. He has gained his business experience through specialising in TRIZ with consulting/supporting roles in advising multinational client companies on: Innovation Forecasting, Strategy Planning, Problem Solving, Product Research and Development and Intellectual Property Analysis.

His passion for new and novel approaches to the many challenges facing both the public and private sector favours the use of open innovation, user-focused innovation, collaborative innovation, disruptive innovation and the use of new techniques for the design and development of effective, complete and sustainable solutions.

Dr Tsai’s continued research on TRIZ has allowed him to develop new adaptations of TRIZ that make it much easier for professionals from other disciplines to make use of and benefit from. He has named this approach to TRIZ BRIGHT.

Dr Tsai offers sound practical experience with a solid research background in Engineering. His work encompasses all aspects of innovation including product strategy, value management, product design, development and launch, commercialisation and lifecycle management (including PLM) and systems design and development.