Concept Formation Small

Innovation often begins with a concept that is already in the making. Somewhere and at sometime, the concept may have been thought and spoken of, but not developed.  By removing the numerous constraints from the traditional development process and by encouraging creative and flexible approaches to the problem at hand, we are not only able to look at the world anew but often find solutions that are simpler to execute, less complex and more aligned to the systems of which they are a part.

Ideaspeak offers a unique approach to concept development using a synthesis of Systems Thinking and Idealised Design that is optimized to be responsive to the rapidly changing and increasingly complex business and organization landscape. Through Idealised Design Thinking, opportunities often deemed a step too far, can be assessed and developed to prototype stage without high levels of risk.

Simply stated, Idealised Design is a design process wherein the change sought is first imagined as an Ideal and then realised through a staged process. With this approach, the ideal, as part of a larger system, is never lost sight of. By removing all constraints in the early stages of conceptual development, imaginative thinking is encouraged to come to the fore. 

There are numerous advantages to Idealised Design: liberating the free exercise of the imagination, promoting an understanding of the object of design, transforming what is thought to be feasible, simplifying the overall design process and enhancing creativity and greater ease during the final stage of implementation. Ideaspeak projects have greatly benefited from the process of Idealised Design and the work continues to be greatly successful. Our innovation consultants will be delighted to both explain the advantages of this process and share their numerous success stories with you.


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