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We believe that successful Innovation requires wide-scale partnering. Together, we push the boundaries of sustainable design, co-creation and open innovation.

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Ideaspeak provides journalists, news organizations and analysts with information on Open and Sustainable Innovation.

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Open Innovation Proposals

At Ideaspeak, we believe that sustainable innovation is key to the creation of a better world for all and we engage with partners who share this vision. If you or your organization are working to create or develop a new concept or technology that you believe is sustainable in design and that seeks to solve some of the world's major challenges in the areas of food service, food production and packaging, we’d like to hear from you

Ideaspeak regularly receives Partnership Proposals from individuals and organizations alike. If you would like to know more about the type of Partnserships we seek, please review our online documentation. If you have already done so and are interested in submitting a proposal, please review our Terms and Conditions for submissions before proceeding.

Terms and conditions

By proceeding you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions:

I acknowledge that:

  • I am the owner of, or I am properly authorised to submit, the information that I am submitting to Ideaspeak (the "Proposal")
  • The disclosure of the Proposal will not breach any confidentiality obligation I am subject to
  • The disclosure of my Proposal is being made on a non-confidential basis, and that no confidentiality obligations whatsoever are created by its submission
  • I have taken appropriate legal advice prior to submitting my Proposal
  • I am not relying on Ideaspeak for legal advice, including (but not limited to) advice concerning the protection of my Proposal
  • Ideaspeak is under no obligation to consider my Proposal or to agree to work with me on developing my Proposal
  • By making this Proposal I am not creating any legal relationship with Ideaspeak.
  • From the date of submission of my Proposal I agree that Ideaspeak shall have twelve weeks to review my Proposal and if appropriate ask for more detailed information and samples / prototypes if applicable.
  • I acknowledge that Ideaspeak may already be independently working on the same technology, know-how or other intellectual property as covered by my Proposal, and that I will not therefore assert any intellectual property rights against Ideaspeak in this respect.
  • I confirm I have read, understood and accept the terms upon which my Proposal is made.


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We believe that the right Partnerships in Open Innovation and Co-Creation projects, can be highly beneficial to all parties...

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Sample ImageWorking with B.S.I. to introduce new Food Operation and Food Service Standards

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We are always looking to enlarge our network of interns, analysts and associates and introduce bright, creative and energetic people to the work we do....

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    Sustainable innovation is a process where sustainability considerations (environmental, social, financial) are integrated into product development...

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